Feel The Power Of Orgonite - Pranic Devies
Feel The Power Of Orgonite - Pranic Devies

What is EMF!?

EMF stands for Electromagnetic frequencies, or Electromagnetic Field. Everything in creation has its own electromagnetic field.
Everything man made has an electromagnetic field – like electronics, communications technologies, cell phone towers, airplanes, electric grids, WiFi and more. EMF is measurable and can be very harmful to our health.

EMF is quickly becoming a well-known subject because it IS silently affecting our health - it’s found nearly everywhere. EMF is very harmful to the subtle energy body, the nervous system, and brain wave production – which is the infrastructure of our bodies and minds.

Harmful EMF can come from things like electrical appliances, x-rays, WiFi modems, remote controls, cell phones, cell towers, and other man made technologies. Natural causes of EMF come from lightning, Earth's Electromagnetic Field, Visible Light, nature, our cells, our hearts, minds - anything natural emitting. 

If we experience long term exposure to EMF, our bodies become at disease – we then develop diseases and eventually they manifest into things like cancer. If we are un-consciously being flooded with EMF by WiFi, cell phones and cell phone towers, electrical power plants, electric meters (and more) our cells are constantly exposed and disease is inevitable.

Electromagnetic radiation is the form of energy emitted from Electromagnetic Fields. Just as there are good fats and bad fats for the body, and good sugars and bad sugars for the body – There are Safe and Harmful EMF's.

When our bodies are healthy, and we aren't around damaging EMF - our bodies release their own natural healthy EMF - creating harmony and balance within the body and mind. 

The heart has its own electromagnetic field. It is the most powerfully charged organ in our body. If we are poor in our abilities to think, eat, drink and act - our heart's magnetic field becomes compromised which weakens the entire body - as well as spreads to other people through magnetism. 

When our healthy EMF frequencies become weak or altered by electro-pollution – the natural EMF that our subtle energy body emits is compromised – and the body will start to deteriorate.

This can happen over a period of years with low to moderate levels of electromagnetic radiation or it can happen immediately with a rare strong exposure. Once the healthy frequencies inside the body are altered, the health problems start to occur - which manifest into various diseases such as cancer and fibromyalgia.

People who are suffering, both mentally and physically without any medical understanding of what’s happening, are most likely experiencing electromagnetic sensitivity.

It is recommended to invest in EMF Protection Devices and methods feel the difference almost immediately. Investing in an EMF detector and determining where over exposure is occurring in your house can help you take the necessary action steps towards either moving, or protecting yourself from these frequencies.

It is also highly recommended to wear orgonite, and place it all around your house. This orgonite transmutes the deadly low frequencies into positive stabilized and structured frequencies. Orgonite is proven to do so - there are many tests and videos showing how orgonite eliminates Negative EMF. 

Take the necessary steps to protect yourself from EMF. Unplug your router and WiFi modem at night, put your cell phones on airplane mode when you sleep, turn off the breaker in your bedroom when your sleeping, do not carry your cell phone on your body. Taking the necessary steps will help eliminate the damaging effects of EMF in your body.