Feel The Power Of Orgonite - Pranic Devies
Feel The Power Of Orgonite - Pranic Devies

What Are Pranic Devices!?

The Pranic devices are instruments of power which generate Positive Orgone Energy, or structured Scalar Energy, or Harmonized Zero Point Energy, or Torsion Energy.

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They were widely used by the Ancient Civilizations - like the Atlanteans, before the global cataclysm over 10,000 years ago. Their construction and use was kept secret through the centuries in a hidden manner by secret societies - for they bring fourth ultimate health and awareness which invites the wisdom of the universe into your experience.

The famous Kabbalist Franz Bardon around 1930 released certain information in this respect calling them "Akashic Energy Catalysts" - and that is exactly what they are. All the devices are made with a simple basic composition of magnetism, piezoelectric energy, metals, minerals and crystals. Yet, each one can structure the Zero Point Energy in different ways - creating different energetic imprints in a person, place or thing. Each model has a unique imprint within this reality. 

The scientist Wilhelm Reich who coined orgone energy (also known as Prana, Ki or Chi, Mana, Life Force) was the first person in our recent timeline who ushered in this knowledge of Pranic Devices. He was causing widespread drama within scientific communities as well as governmental agencies; the devices were working.

Wilhelm Reich died in prison and all his research was destroyed by the American and German Governments for national security reasons - Just Like Tesla and all the other greats.

But, sure enough - wisdom can never be hidden or kept from anyone. The American citizen Don Croft managed to create a simple device based on resin, quartz and special metals calling it Orgonite.

The science of this energy, along with the blueprints on how to to create these Pranic Devices which generate these special fields have been protected and spread out all over the world for the masses to create and use.

Millions of people have been creating and using these devices to balance their lives, their surroundings, the environment and their abilities to manifest. It is almost as if these devices are balancing the masculine and feminine energies within this dimension - causing a mass singularity, inviting in  unity consciousness and stimulating the evolution the entire collective here on Earth for all beings. 

The effects of using these devices are incredible:

  • Stability
  • Expansion.
  • Polarity union.
  • Connection with the cosmic source.
  • It corrects the astrological influence of retrograde Mercury.
  • Helps concentration.
  • Aligns the bodies of light.
  • Contacting your true being.
  • Being more intuitive.
  • Better relationships.
  • Experience high levels of consciousness.
  • Sleep better.
  • Improve transmission and electric current of the nervous system and brain.
  • Stabilizes natural growth frequencies as Shumman resonance.
  • Assists to an atmosphere charged with anions.

The devices have incredible effects on the Subtle Energy Systems inside of our Bodies - Our every cell has the same zero-point energy inside which brings the cells to a more coherent state of division and reproduction. Some of the Subtle Energy Body Effects include:  

  • Helps to the clean, development and activate The Pineal Gland.
  • Raises the vibrational health of each Energy Center.
  • Activates harmony within all the organs. 
  • Potentiates and aligns the chakras and the flow systems within them.
  • Increases extrasensory abilities - promoting more intuition.
  • Promotes and facilitates access to higher levels of consciousness.
  • Tunes merges the entire energy structure of the body to interact with higher vibrating densities of existence (Inter-Dimensional Communication).
  • Increases synchronicity and manifestation abilities.
  • Gradually reconstructs all energy systems back to harmony.
The devices transmutes any negative, artificial or obstructed frequency energy into natural flowing, positive energy. It also generates negative ions within its surroundings; creating an atmosphere of balance and harmony.

Stability is a experienced based on our perception, reactions, and responses to reality. These devices help you to find where you can flow openly and expand yourself in the middle of an apparent complexity. They help us observe polarities within created experiences, and respond in more healthy ways - rather than reacting to the "complexity" of the situation. 


The positive benefits of Orgone Energy Devices are overwhelmingly increasing - the question is: How does it work? Here are some aspects which help to see the science of the devices.

THE CASIMIR EFFECT – A Zero Point energy effect.
It was discovered that two metal surfaces close together, but not touching could produce photons from the gap while energized by electromagnetic waves. The experiments were conducted in a vacuum, so the energy was being produced ‘from nothing’ or what has been termed the Zero Point or Scalar field.

Scalar fields are healing for the human body as they structure electromagnetic hertzian waves to be more coherent, or more naturally structured and less scattered or artificial.

In Orgonite, the metal particles in the resin matrix act as the metal surfaces in the Casimir experiment – and the activation of the scalar waves (zero point energy) comes from the EMF pollution in our environment!


Using sound as an example, you can listen to a good sound system all night, but if the audio signals are distorted, you'll quickly develop ear and brain fatigue.
The same is true with your bio-energetic field. Distorted incoherent electrical signals lead to 'computer fatigue', headaches and lack of good sleep.
QUARTZ CRYSTAL – A major component inside of these Orgonite Devices: Quartz Crystals have been well known for thousands of years - for their healing and transmitting properties. They are used in every single computer, cell phone and radio device!

A major property of Quartz Crystal is its ability to focus, direct, and amplify energy and also its reliability as an oscillator. Quartz not only amplifies orgone energy, it ADDS to the coherence and balance of the Orgonite energy being generated. Another aspect of quartz crystal, is the piezo-electric effect which is activated as the Orgonite resin shrinks during the creation of the devices.

In other words: Quartz Crystals and minerals under pressure (compacted into a device or necklace) produces a natural electrical charge.

This constant activation of electrical charge is thought to add to, amplify and balance the Orgone Energy being generated within the devices.

 – While orgone material can be formed into any shape, the most popular form is the pyramid.

Russian scientists have done extensive research into pyramid geometry and ‘torsion fields’ - Torsion Fields is another term for scalar or zero point Energy.
They found out that: Similar to the Casmir effect; energy is produced in a vacuum from the tips of pyramids – to the base of its structure.

Energy from nothing, the ether – extracted into this dimension via precise Sacred Geometry within the pyramids!

According to torsion field studies, certain geometric shapes naturally produce a scalar or torsion field, very similar to what pyramids have been doing for millennia.

Pyramids are also known for amplifying and transmitting energy, like an antenna or speaker cone. All materials put into pyramid geometry not only benefit from orgone energetics but pyramid energy as well – 2 types of natural occurring energy stacked into one device.


Orgone Energy Tools are not only physically and energetically effective, they are mentally liberating as well.

Those who are active in the Orgone Movement often find that once they cover their home, work place, or bodies with this technology - they want to expand the positive effects to others and to the environment where it is needed the most!

Many people have located and mapped DOR (Deadly Orgone Energy) frequency transmitters (like cell phone towers and electric meters) within in their neighborhoods and cities.

People hide, place, bury and “Gift” Orgonite devices all around the world! There are giant movements where groups travel to cell phone towers, power lines and other stagnant energy spots – and bury Orgonite all around those areas.

Entire continents can be liberated by re-balancing the energetics of certain areas. One of the most well known Orgonite “gifters” worldwide is Georg Ritschl from Orgonise Africa who has gifted over 50,000 pieces across Southern Africa.

He states how rivers that were dry for decades began flowing with water again when the energy of the land was brought into balance with orgone energy devices. He states how rain would flow naturally to areas that were dry and damaged after placing orgone energy devices in the areas.


Millions of people have seen their lives shift and health improved with Orgonite energy devices - and the movement is growing every day. 

In becoming more aware of the environment and our health, we can not only restore our health and improve our quality of life, but also one by one, start creating a better world.

Orgone Energy Devices have improve the quality of life for many people in many different parts of the world. Become part of the movement and help heal the energetic imbalance within this dimension!

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