Feel The Power Of Orgonite - Pranic Devies
Feel The Power Of Orgonite - Pranic Devies

What is the Higher Consciousness Vitara!?

Higher Consciousness Vitara

The Higher Consciousness Vitara is a device that combines Vedic Vitara Technology® with Silent Subliminal Technology to create a profound effect in the higher consciousness mind to actually balance the karma of the individual using the device and enhance their quality of life.

The Vedic Vitara Technology antenna is a most interesting feature of this device. This epoxy pyramid contains a quartz crystal antenna with elite shungite crystals around it and 24k gold flecks throughout the pyramid.

Vedic Vitara Technology AntennaThe shungite crystals absorb any chaotic electromagnetic radiation so that only pure, coherent frequencies are emitted into the Prana Field. Also the gold flecks make this pyramid into a prana amplifying device to further enhance operation of the antenna.


The Higher Consciousness Vitara is available in 10 models to accommodate everyone's needs. The models are:


  1. Wonderful Life: The simplest version and has a collection of silent subliminals which you select 40 to target specific issues you want to correct in your life. Choose from over 250 categories plus up to 5 custom subliminal sets. 

  2. Perfect Health: Add more silent subliminals to target specific health issues you want to correct in your life plus the entire 9th Mandala of the Rig Veda to "rewire" your higher consciousness for a life of perfect health and happiness.

  3. Abundance and Prosperity: Every human being is entitled to live a life in abundance and prosperity! If you are not enjoying this level of delightful existence, then your karma is blocking the flow of wealth into your life. With the Abundance and Prosperity Higher Consciousness Vitara all of your negative wealth karma will become balanced and then the wealth of the universe will flow freely into your life. This model includes abundance and prosperity silent subliminals plus the Lakshmi-Kubera Yajñaand theSri Suktamas silent subliminals

  4. Chudala: A collection of silent subliminals messages which will balance the karmic traces that keep you limited to a Kali Yuga physiology. When these karmic traces are balanced you will be free to transition to an unlimited Satyug Physiology with a biological clock for 100,000 years as a youthful, vital human being, enjoying perfect health and no longer dependent on physical food for the energy your body needs.
    Click here to see these Silent Subliminals. 

  5. Maintain a Loving and Happy Family: A special collection of silent subliminal messages along with the entire Sama Vedaas a silent subliminal creates the influence that maintains a happy, loving family. There are two components to this Vitara: 1) The entire Sama Vedaas a silent subliminal creates subtle influences that balance current karma for the individuals of the family. Karma creates the tension and conflict that is sometimes felt in a family. 2) The Happy Family silent subliminals which immediately address the source of conflicts in the family setting in the subconscious minds of the family members. The Happy Family silent subliminal messages coupled with the entire Sama Veda creates a powerful effect that creates peace, harmony, happiness and prosperity in the family. 

  6. Enlightenment, Freedom and Liberation - Moksha (also called the Ekam Vitara): The entire Bhagavad Gita in Sanskrit as a silent subliminal. The Bhagavad Gitais the instruction manual, dictated by God, for how to achieve all five levels of Moksha. Also included is the entire Brahma Sutras and a collection of Moksha Specific Silent Subliminals. This Vitara is ideal during meditation and while asleep.

  7. Enjoy a Blissful Life - Goloka: The entire Rig Veda as a silent subliminal. It has the most powerful effect for change in the life, from the typical Kali Yuga physiology and mindset to a Sat Yuga physiology and mindset. The human physiology and mind in Sat Yuga is radically different from today's man. For one thing, the lifespan of a typical human being in Sat Yuga is 100,000 years. The IQ is 100,000, compared to the IQ today of 100 or 120, even the genius of today may have only 200 IQ. The impact of theRig Veda Higher Consciousness Vitara will be highly evolutionary.

  8. Experience Fullness of Life - Brahman Consciousness: The Brahma Sutras are one of the most fascinating and useful aspects of the Vedic Literature. For anyone interested in living Brahman Consciousness, the Brahma Sutras are very important.

  9. Attain Your Perfection - Siddhis: TheYoga Sutras of Patanjali succinctly outline the art and science of Yoga meditation for Self-Realization. It is a process of systematically encountering, examining, and transcending each of the various gross and subtle levels of false identity in the mind field, until the jewel of the true Self comes shining through.

  10. Enlightenment of the Master - Maharishi: The speech of an enlightened person is always evolutionary, positive and uplifting and listening to the voice of the enlightened is an advanced technique for aligning your thought patterns to be rise to that same level of enlightenment yourself. This option includes several recordings of Maharishi that have been converted into silent subliminal format.


    One can operate multiple Higher Consciousness Vitara Models simultaneously for even better results. For example, to achieve the fastest progress to attain perfect health, abundant wealth, moksha and the siddhis, it is possible to operate the Perfect Health, Abundant Wealth, Moksha and Siddhi Models at the same time.


    The Higher Consciousness Vitara is a modern Aladdin's Lamp.  Let's examine in more detail the characteristics of these Models.


    Wonderful Life Higher Consciousness Vitara

    The Wonderful Life Higher Consciousness Vitara is programmed with Silent Subliminal Messages of your choice from a list 250 topics. 


    When you place your order, you will be given the opportunity to select as many of the Silent Subliminal Message sets as you like (maximum of 40). You can also request custom message sets to meet your specific needs.


    Perfect Health Higher Consciousness Vitara


    It is true that karma from the past lives has an influence on this life and leads us into problems with health, happiness, relationships and prosperity.


    But the actions we take in this life are far more powerful than the influence of karma. If we take no action to create perfect health, for example, then whatever is our karma will manifest.


    But if we do take appropriate action for perfect health, then we can overcome the karma and have perfect health. Acquiring and using a higher consciousness Vitara is the perfect action that you can take to help you overcome your karma.

    Fundamental to how a life manifests is the DNA. The DNA of every human being has the potential to create a perfect human physiology, like the kind found during the Satya Yuga, but in Kali Yuga the DNA is mostly inactive - perhaps more than 90% of our DNA is not active. Scientists call this "junk DNA" because it serves no apparent purpose in our life. What if there could be a way to activate our entire DNA? An amazing possibility for human life would dawn. In Satya Yuga the DNA of every human being is 100% active and we lived very long (100,000 years) lives in perfect health and vitality.  There is a way to activate more of our DNA with the Vedic Vitara Technology, using the 9th Mandala of the Rig Veda.


    The Rig Veda is the frequency pattern blue-print of a perfect universe. It contains 10 Mandalas and each Mandala is responsible for a segment of a perfect universe. The 9th Mandala Mantras are the frequency patterns for a perfect human physiology. If we listen to the entire 9th Mandala as a silent subliminal, these primordial frequency patterns become a part of our higher consciousness mind and our DNA will adopt these primordial frequency patterns, causing greater activation of the DNA. With fully activated DNA, over time our physical body will transform into a Satyug physiology.


    Higher Consciousness Vitara Sample Audio


    In practice, what we do is convert the 9th Mandala into a Silent Subliminal Message, then we insert into the 9th Mandala stream, at 8-10 minute intervals, specific silent subliminal messages for perfect health that directly balance the negative health karma in your life. This strategy is important for two reasons:


    1. Silent Subliminals by themselves will only impact the higher consciousness Mind of the Pranamaya Kosha in most people. But if the same Silent Subliminals are transmitted via Vedic Vitara Technology, then the Manomaya Kosha mind will be reached. This higher mind is exponentially more powerful than the Pranamaya Kosha Mind, so change will come more quickly into the physical life.

    2. By projecting the 9th Mandala (transformed into a massive Silent Subliminal Message) into the higher consciousness mind, all negative and not life-supporting health patterns will be corrected to the perfect human physiology blue-print. The DNA will be fully activated and the physical body will gradually be transformed into a Satyug Physiology.


    Abundant Wealth Higher Consciousness Vitara


    To gain access to the wealth of the universe one must remove all of the karmic blocks for wealth that are held in the higher consciousness mind. The creator of all wealth in the universe is the device being Lakshmi and the celestial treasurer is Kubera.


    To balance all karmic traces that block wealth in your life, one can utilize the frequency patterns of the Lakshmi-Kubera Yajña and the Sri Suktam.


    It is widely believed that recitation of the Sri Suktam bestows an unerring power unto the character and personality of those who recite it and to their general well being. The Sri Suktamis a never failing mantra to invoke prosperity, goodness, health, wealth and well being of the person as well as the whole family itself. The recitation of Sri Suktam satisfies the divine mother to the utmost level and she showers her blessings upon her children.


    When converted into silent subliminals, these primordial sounds will reset your higher consciousness to be open to receiving the abundant wealth that is rightfully yours. For quick results we also include a number of proven abundance and prosperity silent subliminal messages.


    Chudala Higher Consciousness Vitara

     Higher Consciousness Vitara is a version of the Wonderful Life Higher Consciousness Vitara that contains a collection of silent subliminals messages which will balance the karmic traces that keep you limited to a Kali Yuga physiology.


    When these karmic traces are balanced you will be free to transition to an unlimited Satyug Physiology with a biological clock for 100,000 years as a youthful, vital human being, enjoying perfect health and no longer dependent on physical food for the energy your body needs.


    The Chudala Higher Consciousness Vitara includes the Perfect Health Silent Subliminals plus the Abundant Wealth Silent Subliminals and is programmed with the following additional Silent Subliminals:


    • Develop Siddhis - Yoga Sutras
    • Develop Psychic Abilities
    • Easy Astra Projection
    • Induce Lucid Dreaming
    • Crown Chakra
    • Third Eye Chakra
    • Throat Chakra
    • Heart Chakra
    • Navel Chakra
    • Sacral Chakra
    • Root Chakra
    • Becoming Telepathic
    • Unconditional Love
    • Becoming a Breatharian - Pranic Energy Lifestyle


    Click here to see the content of these Silent Subliminals.


    Maintain a Loving Family 
    Happy Family Higher Consciousness Vitara


    The Happy Family Higher Consciousness Vitara creates an environment of peace, love, cooperation, happiness and prosperity in the life of each individual that receives the influence of this Vitara. A peaceful family is composed of peaceful family members and conversely it is not possible to have a peaceful family if one or more of the individual family members is not at peace. How does this Vitara create peaceful individuals?


    Peacefulness or equanimity is a quality an Enlightened person - that is one who is not troubled by his or her karma. So, the fundamental need is to balance the karma of the individual to establish peacefulness. To accomplish this the Vitara employs a special collection of silent subliminal messages. Each of these messages targets specific karmic traces in the subconscious mind that detract from peace and equanimity in life. 


    This collection of silent subliminals creates an immediate influence in the lives of each family member that very quickly quells all dissent, disagreement, arguments, division and unhappiness in the family as a whole.


    Also the entire Sama Veda is being continuously produced in a silent subliminal format so that the subconscious mind of every family member is exposed to this powerful karma balancing influence. Traditionally the Sama Veda is used to smooth the transition from meditation into daily life. During meditation we stir up karma in the form of stress and ungrounded emotional energies. Then we listen to Sama Veda for a few minutes after meditation to melt any residual influence from this karma. Now, thanks to Silent Subliminal Technology, we can be exposed to the healing and balancing sounds of the Sama Veda at all times and this leads to a more rapid purification of the karmic traces in the subconscious mind. Such a change in the subconscious mind impacts all areas of life and allows the life to be more progressive, evolutionary, happy, established in equanimity, peace and harmony.


    Click here to read the complete collection of silent subliminal messages.


    This Vitara is not only excellent for families, but single individuals will benefit greatly from the influence.


    Enlightenment, Freedom and Liberation
    Moksha Higher Consciousness 
    (Ekam) Vitara


    The achievement of Enlightenment or Moksha is the Goal of human existence and many of us have been striving to accomplish this. To achieve the first level of Moksha, known as Cosmic Consciousness, requires a certain level of development of the physical nervous system, the pranamaya kosha, and the training to perceive the higher consciousness mind and witness the conscious thinking mind and physical life from that perspective.


    Beyond daily meditation, samyama on yoga sutras and the other aspects of our sadhana, what more can be done to speed up this process of development? The biological clock is ticking and we need to accomplish Moksha in this lifetime if we are to avoid yet another round of incarnations. Plus, life in Moksha is sublime and delightful. So we are always looking for ways to make faster progress. Fortunately we now have this additional and very valuable tool that can be of major assistance - the Moksha Version of the Higher Consciousness Vitara.


    To hasten the onset of Moksha is based on a rare and important gift to humanity from the Divine, which are His own words to us, recorded in the Srimad Bhagavad Gita. In all of the Vedic Literature, the Bhagavad Gita is one of the few places where we have the actual Words of Krishna recorded for us. We can imbibe these sacred Words of the Bhagavad Gita into our higher consciousness mind and more quickly the Goal of Human Existence, Moksha.


    Moksha is not merely an absence of suffering and release from bondage to samsara, but also the presence of the state of paripurna-brahmanubhava (oneness with Brahma, the One Supreme Self), a state of knowledge, peace and bliss.


    Let's look more deeply into Moksha and discover its relative and Absolute levels. Moksha is both a path and a destination. Moksha is first realized when the individual has the direct experience of living in the present moment while witnessing the physical life going on by itself.



    1. Level 1 Moksha is realized when the first level of the higher consciousness mind, the prana mind, has become the viewpoint of consciousness and you witness the physical mind and physical body from that perspective.This is where you begin to live in the NOW. When this has become your 24x7 reality, then you have attained what Maharishi Mahesh Yogi calls "Cosmic Consciousness."

    2. Level 2 Moksha is realized when the person shifts the focus of consciousness from the prana mind to the manomaya kosha mind and witnesses the prana mind and prana body from that higher perspective.This is what Maharishi calls "God Consciousness."

    3. Level 3 Moksha is the experience of witnessing the manomaya kosha from the vijñanamaya kosha mind. You have attained what Maharishi would call "Unity Consciousness" when this is your experience. This is relative Unity Consciousness because you have the experience of being one with all life in this relative universe.

    4. Level 4 Moksha is the realization that you are the Creator of this universe (aham brahmasmi), hence witnessing vijñanamaya kosha from the perspective of Anandamaya Kosha. Brahman Consciousness is another name for this level of experience.

    5. Level 5 Moksha is the destination that arises with the realization that the person is an Eternal Companion of Krishna in Goloka. This is Krishna Consciousness or could also be labeled Bhakti but there is considerable confusion around that label so be careful. True Bhakti is not some show of mood making, singing, chanting and dancing in the physical life.


    Eckhart Tolle and others say that living in the NOW is the experience of enlightenment or Moksha. Eckhart tells his story: one day he thought "I cannot stand to live with myself" and that triggered a sudden shift in consciousness where he questioned "who is this I" and who is this "myself"! He noticed that there must be two viewpoints of consciousness in operation simultaneously. This is astute and of course correct. The challenge is to shift from the "myself" consciousness to the "I" consciousness and live life from that higher perspective. We would say that "myself" consciousness is physical mind and body consciousness and "I" consciousness is the more subtle prana mind and body consciousness.


    In addition to the entire Bhagavad Gita in Silent Subliminal format, this Higher Consciousness Vitara includes the entire Brahma Sutras for cultivating Level 4 Moksha and the Moksha Levels 1-5 Silent Subliminals, the Oneness Awakening Silent Subliminals, and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Vibhuti Pada for cultivating Level 2 and Level 3 Moksha. 


    Click here to see this entire set of Silent Subliminals.


    For best results, this Moksha Higher Consciousness Vitara should be playing all night by your bed as you sleep.


    Enjoy a Blissful Life
    Goloka Higher Consciousness Vitara

    The Vedic Literature contains many descriptions of how the universe we live in came into existence, and tells us the Divine Blue-print for our universe, which is a replica of the Absolute Universe, Goloka, is literally the 432,000 mantras of the Rig Veda. The universe is a sort of colossal "dream" in the Mind of the Creator (Brahma), which arises from the Rig Veda, and each one of us is like a dream creature in this dream.


    Everything in our universe is created from His Mind, including the first human beings. The universe "dream" runs for about 311 trillion years and within this massive time period are many sub-periods - the image below gives us a perspective on this:

    Life of Brahma
    We are at the start of Kali-yuga, about 5,000 years into this period. There are four major periods, or Yugas:


    1. SATYA YUGA - the golden age lasts 1,728,000 years. The population begins with the perfect mind-born children of Lord Brahma (the Creator), who subsequently procreate and populate the earth. Average human life span is 100,000 years. These human bodies have fully activated DNA and life is realized in its full potential. There is no "hardware" or computer based technology - all technology is mantra based.

    2. TRETA YUGA - also called the silver age, lasts 1,296,000 years. The average life span is 10,000 years and the godly qualities decrease one fourth compared to the Satya yuga. Human bodies have 80% activated DNA and life is lived at less than full potential.

    3. DVAPARA YUGA - or the bronze age, lasts 864,000 years. Godly qualities are reduced to 50% by now and the average life expectancy is only 1,000 years. Human bodies have 40% activated DNA and live is lived with dependency on hardware technologies such as the wheel, axe, knives, fire for cooking food, and shelters are constructed for protection from harsher environments.

    4. KALI YUGA - the iron age of hypocrisy and quarrel lasts 432,000 years. Very few of the population exhibit God consciousness and life expectancy is only 100 years. Human bodies have only 10% activated DNA and life is lived in ignorance of full potential. There is total dependency on hardware technologies just to sustain life. It reaches the extreme known as "singularity" when computers have greater than human intelligence and machines actually dominate - to the extreme in which the human body is replaced totally by robotic machines and human consciousness is somehow "hosted" by these machines.


    By exposing the higher consciousness mind to the entire Rig Veda in a Silent Subliminal format, the DNA of the body begins to change and approach a fully activated state. All thoughts held in the higher consciousness mind, and subsequently the conscious thinking mind, are in accord with all the laws of Nature. All thoughts are life supporting and nourishing to the individual and the whole universe.


    As we mentioned earlier in our reference to the book by James Allen, as we think so we become. What if the mind literally could not entertain any negative thoughts, did not know "impossible" and "failure"? A mind that has been "rewired" to think in accord with all the laws of Nature would be the driving force for a life lived in perfect health, happiness and prosperity.


    Brahman Higher Consciousness Vitara

    HCV Genie - brahman


    There is a commentary on the Brahma Sutras by Adi Sankara which provides great intellectual insights into each sutra. His commentary or Bhasya is the crest jewel of of his writtings. Those who are in Brahman Consciousness will find this commentary very blissful. The common mistake today is to assume one can achieve Brahman Consciousnes by studying the commentary. The Brahma Sutra Bhasya is of value to those not in Brahman Consciousness, but the study of Brahma Sutra Bhasya will not cause Brahman Consciousness to dawn.


    The Brahma Sutras do not have to be translated and commentaries do not have to be studied in order to attain Brahman Consciousness. The Brahma Sutras are pointers to the transcendental, beyond the human mind and even the Mind of the Creator. If we attempt to understand the Brahma Sutras on the surface level of the meaning of words, then the conscious thinking mind will become caught up in the words and will miss Brahman. Brahman is not a thing to be known. Brahman is for Being. Brahman is the essence of Being, the silence of Being.


    The Brahma Sutras are to be experienced and known by the higher consciousness mind. The silent subliminal version of the Brahma Sutras will bring the fulfillment of the sutras. This is an excellent option for the night when the conscious thinking mind is asleep.


    Attain Your Perfection 
    Yoga Sutras Higher Consciousness Vitara

    HCV Genie - yoga

    The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali is widely regarded as the authoritative text on yoga. It is a collection of aphorisms, outlining the eight limbs of yoga. These "threads" (as sutra translates from Sanskrit) of wisdom offer guidelines for living a meaningful and purposeful life. To bring this wisdom into the mind we have converted the entire Sanskrit version into a silent subliminal. The Siddhis are a special collection of these sutras that will create a number of "perfections" in life. The siddhis can be grouped into the following categories: extra-normal, paranormal, ultra-normal, and super-normal.

    • Extra-normal: The extra-normal powers are those that represent a heightening of the normal capacities, such as intuition, empathy, luck, inspiration, creative genius, and the advanced development of particular intelligences, including kinesthetic, interpersonal, etc
    • Paranormal: The paranormal include such capacities as remote viewing, astral travel, telepathy, and the like. 

    • Ultranormal: Ultranormal powers would include such abilities as being able to sit in a fire without getting burned; being able to go without eating or drinking for extended periods, even for years on end; shape-shifting; true mind reading; accurate prophecy; prodigious pranic healing power; etc. 

    • Supernormal: The supernormal powers include bi-location, enormous life-extension (many hundreds of years), truly miraculous healing powers, and all the classical yoga siddhis mentioned by Patanjali in their most dramatic forms.

    All of this may seem fantastic, but if you understand that the nature of this universe is basically a dream in the mind of the Creator and each one of us are dream creatures in this dream, then one can see how by changing the content of the higher consciousness mind, literally anything is possible.

    Enlightenment of
    the Master: Maharishi 
    Higher Consciousness Vitara

    HCV Genie - maharishi


    The speech of an enlightened person is an advanced technique for transforming an individual life into the same level of consciousness as the Master.


    By creating a number silent subliminal versions of Maharishi's talks, one can infuse the higher consciousness with these perfect speech patterns and thereby purify the higher consciousness of all imperfect and negative patterns.

    With this Vitara you will have over 300 hours of Maharishi's talks from the time period between 1960 and 1977 in silent subliminal format. Included with this Vitara is a detailed Table of Contents that gives you the date and title of each talk; over 400 individual recordings.

    This Vitara is priced higher than the others to cover the very large amount of time it took to convert all of these files to silent subliminal format.


    Everyone Must Have a 
    Higher Consciousness Vitara

    Changing our life to better health, more abundance, greater prosperity, greater happiness and fulfillment, even Self-Realization, is possible by changing the faulty knowledge constructs in the higher consciousness mind. This is exactly what the Higher Consciousness Vitara does.


    The environment of our present age is hostile to human life. We are in a constant state of survival against the environmental influences of Electromagnatic Radiation (microwave, radio and television, geopathic stress, 5G, etc.), Geoengineering (Chemtrails), toxic polution in the water (fluoride) and food (BPA, GMO, pesticides, etc.). If one has a Higher Consciousness Vitara, then the immune system will be so strong that the ill effects of these toxins will be felt much less in the body. Of course one should continue to avoid these influences as much as possible.


    How to Use Your Higher Consciousness Vitara


    You should be within 1 meter or 3 feet of the Vitara for maximum effect. Your Vitara will be heard by anyone in range and will create an effect in their lives as well. Because all of the silent subliminal messages are always positive and life supporting, there can be no negative consequences for others - everyone in range will benefit. For best results for each individual, each family member should have a Higher Consciousness Vitara and keep their Vitara near them as much as possible.


    The player has an internal battery that will last for about 5 hours and can be played during charging from a USB cable that is provided. You can take your Vitara with you in the car or to work. Of course you should play it all night as your conscious thinking mind sleeps - your higher consciousness will definitely be awake and receive benefit.

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